Bradley Wayne Lebakken is the recording engineer as well as a guitar and bass teacher at In Tune With the Arts Studios .  He has received his Bachelor Degree and Masters Degree  from the Duquesne University School of Music in Recording Arts, with a focus on guitar.  He has privately taught guitar for the past 6 years.  He has also been recording bands, vocalists, and instrumentalists for several years and has played with a variety of bands ranging from Hard Rock to Jazz Ensembles to Classical Groups.  He has also recorded -on location - live recordings for these diverse styles of music.  He has an ear for being able to mix and master many different styles of music.

In addition to being the sound engineer, and teaching guitar, bass, and recording arts at In Tune With the Arts Studios, Brad is also proficient in percussion, bass, voice, and keyboard.  Currently, Brad is working on a solo project of designing an album in the studio where he plays all of the music on the album including guitars, vocals, drums, bass and keyboards.  With his diverse background and experience, he is able to adapt to the needs and styles of all musicians to make high quality recording projects.

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