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 Our private voice lessons are the most innovative and comprehensive in the area.  Our students receive 45 minutes of private instruction a week taught by experienced and dynamic musicians who have graduated from such prestigious universities such as Duquesne University and Carnegie Mellon University! During these sessions the students will learn proper vocal technique through vocalise exercises and a vast array of repertoire including classical, Broadway, jazz, art songs and many others.
         In addition to the vocal training, the students will  also have audition evaluations which are singing exams given usually once every two weeks which focus on the students' tone quality, intonation, rhythm, diction, musicality, and preparation of the material.  
 The above material alone shows why our vocal department
is becoming the most unique in Western PA.

But, what if I told you that our
private vocal lessons offer even more!

         Because we at In Tune feel that each musician should not only focus on their private instrument but also become well rounded in every facet of music, we have integrated all nine of the National Standards for Arts Education into our private lessons. Click Here to learn more about the National Standards.)
        How do we have enough time in one lesson to
 integrate all of these standards?
        We obviously can not cover all of the national standards every lesson and expect the students to achieve the ultimate goal of vocal excellence.  So, we at In Tune decided we needed to structure a group lesson that would focus on one or more of the National Standards at a time.  
        Once every two months, in addition to the students' lessons for that week, we offer two 45 minute bonus sessions to all of our students meeting the goals of the National Standards.  Already we have offered sessions on vocal health, world music, improvisation, auditioning, and many others.  We also participate in recitals, community events, and outreach programs to senior citizens.  
       We have received thank you letters and phone calls from past students whom we have helped prepare for college auditions.  Some of them have received scholarships to prestigious universities around the country for music and musical theater.
         Below is a summarized list explaining the quantity and quality our private vocal students receive:

 1)  45 min. weekly private vocal instruction by an esteemed vocal teacher
 2)  Written evaluation and assessment of vocal progress
 3)   Two 45 min. bonus sessions encompassing the National Standards of Arts Education
 4)   Recitals, Community Events, and Outreach Programs throughout the year

You will not find a more comprehensive vocal program around!
You will receive all of the above educational services and events for as low as
 $125 per month. (Based on a 1 year contract)
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Call us at 412-492-9595 or visit our contact page  
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