Mission Statement

At In Tune with the Arts Studios, Inc., our mission is to provide our students with the best and most comprehensive music education possible.  To that end, we offer a curriculum that affords all students the opportunity to develop musicianship skills, vocal / instrumental technique and performance skills, along with energy, confidence and love of the arts.
          - Ryan and Julie Perrotte
               Owners, In Tune with the Arts Studios, Inc.

 Accolades & Applause

"Ryan Perrotte is a virtuoso vocalist, a brilliant motivator and a gifted teacher!"
                - Karen Cordaro, Owner/ Director, Act One Theatre School

"Julie Perrotte has a beautiful voice and is an excellent music educator."
                - Maureen Budway, Performer/Faculty, Duquesne University

"As the head of a large high school drama program, I rely on Ryan and Julie to instill my developing performers with solid vocal and acting techniques.  My students come away from their workshops energized, enlightened and much closer to musical theatre excellence!"
                  - Ellen Lettrich, Drama Director, Canfield High School

"Ryan is the only voice teacher I have ever had who has been able to teach me to act through song.  His style and talent are incredible.  I feel truly lucky to have had him as a teacher!"
                   - Jared Pfennigwerth, student, Seneca Valley High School

"Julie is a wonderful person to work with.  The exercises she has taught me have improved my singing so much!"
                   - Laura VanWert, student, Baldwin-Whitehall School Dist.

"One of Ryan's greatest gifts is inspiring his students to find the talents within themselves.  He has shown me that passion for the theatre and performing is contagious!"
                    - Nick Yavelak, student, Virginia Tech Theatre Arts

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