Recording Lessons

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Lean How To Record Your Own CDs.

The purpose of the private recording lesson is to teach the basic principles of acoustics, production, arranging, and audio recording in a “hands on” atmosphere. This will allow the students to acquire basic universal skills in the above fields to be applied in home or professional recording studios, mastering suites and, live sound venues.

This lesson is designed to take the student from the basic fundamentals such as what is sound to audio mastering and post-production and finally, how it all relates to live sound situations.

There will be opportunities for hands-on sessions, which will allow the students to use all of the various equipment in real-world situations.

Students will have instruction on our Mac based 24bit/96k digital studio running Cubase or they may provide their own recording equipment if they have a specific focus they want to pursue.

Because In Tune With The Arts Studios, Inc is a working recording studio, the recording students are encouraged and welcome to come to any session and continue their learning experience as studio aids in actual live tracking sessions.