Schools are back in session and now is the perfect time to schedule those music/art lessons!  In addition to our private lessons, we will be offering a pre-schoolers’ music class as well as a music theory class.  Call now for more details.  724-449-9595.

Children’s Class

In Tune with the Arts is pleased to announce the return of its early elementary music class (ages 3 to 6). Students will meet once a week to explore and experience musical concepts to augment and enhance the curricula taught in school. Lessons will be taught through singing, games, and movement in a style of learning that feels like play. Each week will consist of a new topic and review of previous material, such as beat, rhythm, dynamics, reading and writing basic musical notes and symbols, plus an introduction to pitch through Solfege. Please call (724) 449-9595 for registration and information.

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