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Our Visual Arts Program Is One Of The Most Creative In Pittsburgh

art lessons pittsburghThe private visual art lessons available at In Tune With The Arts Studios, Inc. in Pittsburgh, are very unique because the lesson is tailored to the individual students’ personal interest.

Many different mediums in the visual art field are taught.  Our students receive 45 minutes of private instruction per week taught by an experienced and dynamic art teacher.

So if you’re looking for visual art lessons in Pittsburgh, In Tune With The Arts Studios is the place to be.





We are very proud of our visual art students who recently won Gold Portfolio Awards at the most prestigious western Pennsylvania Regional Scholastic Art Competition.

Brooke Schonbachler, Sydney Ayers, and Emily Mongilio.  Brooke’s National Gold and Silver Award winning works, which will be recognized at the National Award Ceremony in New York City on June 6th, can be seen along with other samples from each artists’ portfolio below:

Emily Mongilio

My pieces have evolved from simplistic observations of the world around me to a reflection of the world I have experienced.  I utilize my skills as a drawer to interpret pictures taken from my trips throughout the past year to create a nostalgic feel of memory through dripping and layering oil paint over top of the pieces.  A loose and vibrant energy resonates throughout my portfolio.

It mirrors my energy to strive for achievement and recognition on a search for inspiration and originality.  I fear the possibility of being able to fail by taking a risk, trying something new, where there is constant competition around me.  I have deviated from the original “classic still-life” and developed a process that captures the expression of movement and memory.

























Brooke Schonbachler

Regional Gold Portfolio Statement:

What humans strive for most in life is stability and completion.  We constantly search for ways to define who and what we are.  As much as we try to define our personalities and characteristics, it is unachievable because humans in general are very fickle and malleable.  Throughout life, we grow and change our sense of identity and beliefs, habitually bouncing from one definition of who we are to the next as we encounter new experiences.  However, since we are continually outgrowing the identities we build for ourselves, we are left with a general anxiety about who we will become in the future, since the future cannot yet be defined.  We try to fill in these blanks to appease the anxiety that forms when we don’t have a clear sense of self, because blank spaces make us feel uncomfortable. Branching off this discomfort, my paintings demonstrate the balance between being unfinished while still having an overall sense of completion.  In my paintings, my goal is to display the importance of embracing the undefined “blank space” of the future and help others understand that it only adds to the overall beauty and balance within life.

Regional Silver Portfolio Statement:

Most of my artwork explores two aspects of the human condition: expression and emotion.  This in particular inspires me, because growing up I was always the “quiet girl,” and depended on the language behind words to express myself.  To me, it’s amazing how a single look can say so many things without physically saying anything at all.  I try to capture the language behind what we speak on a day-to-day basis, because language is so much more than forming words and sentences.  Language can also be a look, a gesture, a reaction. In turn, the qualities of expression comes together to form emotion. Burden, fear, failure, hope, compassion, trust, greed, and forgiveness being a few examples, the list of emotions could go on forever.  By using expression and emotion, my main goal is to create art that has more meaning than what lies on the surface so the viewer can relate to what my work is trying to convey.





































Sydney Ayers